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Sangam CRM The Best CRM In India For All Business Use Cases.

Sangam CRM is a leading CRM in India and every businesses using it. The CRM software is easy to use and comes with a lot of features to manage your customer relationships.

Sangam CRM: The Ultimate CRM Software, Affordable & Easy to Use!


Sales CRM

Trust Sangam CRM to help you keep on top of your leads, sales funnel, and reports. It was designed to allow Sales Executives to focus more on analytics and strategy.


Mobile CRM

A secure Mobile based CRM that lets you manage your relationship with your customers directly at a time when they are most interested and willing to do business.


Helpdesk CRM

Sangam is a customer relationship management tool that provides companies with options to manage support tickets, service levels and more.  


CRM For Marketing

Lead nurturing campaigns, cross selling and up selling strategies are all easier to track so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Sangam CRM integrates and streamlines the sales and marketing processes.


CRM Telephony Integration

Sangam CRM software aims to integrate all aspects of business into one solution. Their telephony integration goes as far as call popup, call distribution, automated and predictive dialling, recording calls directly into the CRM.


WhatsApp Integration

Sangam CRM is the first CRM that provides WhatsApp API integration, Templatized automated WhatsApp messages and Inbound/Outbound mobile messaging in a business-ready platform. 


CRM Tally Integration

Consider using a solution that can automate manual processes, like synchronizing Tally accounting ledgers with customer information and documentation stored in marketing automation tool. 


SMS CRM Integration

Send SMS group or bulk SMS messages from CRM and integrate with any mobile messaging platform around the world. Sangam is built to manage sms marketing campaigns or notifications systems in real-time. 

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